In everyday photography, two opposing currents can be observed: On the one hand, smartphone subjects are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Photography is becoming a tool, images are becoming ephemeral media of use. Hardly any pictures are printed out anymore (the other way round: printed pictures are even being photographed digitally again). On the other hand there are more and more websites like ›fotogeschenke24.de‹ or ›fotodeckexxl.de‹. The more ephemeral the pictures become, the greater the desire to make them haptically experienceable again and to highlight selected motifs. As is so often the case, an absurd exaggeration arises involuntarily. By having one of these random pictures printed on a huge blanket, I want to show this absurdity. The down-filled blanket also takes the »haptic experience« literally and exaggerates it. The idea of hanging it on the wall and detaching it from what it actually is—a blanket—makes it a picture again, i.e. what a photo actually is. The picture becomes a body and thus a picture again. Or: only when a photo is assigned to an exaggerated use today, it is seen as a picture again. In other words, only when a picture represents something other than itself it will be seen as such again.